The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Video converter software is an integrated disk and easy digital video converter, which allows the user to convert any DVDs or videos from one format to another with light and swift conversion speed. In addition, the Wondershare video converter ultimate lets the users target exactly which device they wanted their videos to play on such as the most popular devices today like Windows media player and movie maker. In addition, it is an ultimate converter, which has great features to offer.

With the great features of this software, users can now achieve basic media conversion in a more advanced, fast and powerful video converter as well as getting better video conversion and DVD. Here are the great features of the Wondershare video converter software: - It supports both Mac and Windows application. - A flexible and easy converter, which supports AC3, AAC, WAV, WMA and many more. - It has the ability to remove digital rights management in order to convert DVDs into unprotected video files. - This best video converter program adds metadata to the media files for easy and fast retrieval. - It can convert and burn videos easier and faster. - It can burn video downloader that can download the video when users play a video in a different major browser. - It has the power to convert thirty times than other converters with Wondershare video converter APEXTRANS technology. - It has the DVD ripper capability/convert, which rips the content of the DVD. - Allows the user to convert videos into any popular devices and video format such as Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Apple and any devices suited to users phone. - You can also capture, download or record videos from other popular video sites such as You Tube.

Wondershare video converter ultimate has a great number of features and has a user-friendly interface. Even though you are only a beginner in using this program, you will find so easy to manage. In addition, as compared to any other video converter software, this one is one of the top video converters everyone can use and it is considered as the best video converter program in the market.

When it comes to the advantages of this video converter, it is designed for every user to easily burn or convert DVDS or videos. In addition, users can also use this to convert any portable media devices and video format. This software also enables users to easily convert and download videos from those popular and top video-sharing sites. Besides, Wondershare video converter ultimate can also be used to create a video tutorial and to record activity from the desktop.

Conclusion: This is a Great and Reliable Video Converter The video converter by Wondershare is truly a great piece of software. In fact, this software has been highly rated by many software review sites as it truly contains excellent features with fast conversion speeds capabilities. Plus, you can expect a great support if you encounter any problem with the application.

How to Protect your Computer from Hackers


Hackers can do the unthinkable. Just when you thought you are safe behind your computer someone else holds you hostage. They seek out your weaknesses and ensure that they use them to their advantage. It is therefore important to do all you can to keep yourself safe.

Update your OS and other software frequently, if not automatically. This keeps hackers from accessing your computer through vulnerabilities in outdated programs. For extra protection, enable Microsoft product updates so that the Office Suite will be updated at the same time. Consider retiring particularly susceptible software such as Java or Flash.

Download up-to-date security programs, including antivirus and anti-malware software, anti-spyware, and a firewall (if your OS didn’t come pre-packaged with it). To trick even the most villainous hackers, consider investing in anti-exploit technology, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, so you can stop attacks before they happen.

Destroy all traces of your personal info on hardware you plan on selling. Consider using d-ban to erase your hard drive. For those looking to pillage your recycled devices, this makes information much more difficult to recover. If the information you’d like to protect is critical enough, the best tool for the job is a chainsaw.

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No one should assume that they are safe from hackers. Hackers keep on improving their tactics hence they need to improve security measures for your computer. Do not disable updates on your computer. Ensure that you are using the latest browser.

 Use the latest version of your web browser

Web browsers are vital applications, but just like other software, they can contain bugs. Hackers are quick to capitalise on these and create bogus (or infect genuine) web sites with data designed to exploit them. Once a web browser has been compromised in this way, a hacker can monitor everything you type, including passwords to credit card numbers. That’s why it’s vital to use the latest version of your web browser - anything other than this may be a security risk.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will also update themselves automatically, but don’t ignore their requests to restart the browser when such an update has been downloaded and is ready to be installed.

Don’t fall for phishing emails

Emails that appear to be from a recognisable online service asking you to log into a site to confirm some personal details are always fake.

These emails are usually caught by your email application’s spam filter, but if one does slip through and you click its link, your web browser should detect and block the site it takes you to.

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Most of the times computer users believe that having an antivirus is enough but unfortunately an antivirus is not enough. You need to find out how authentic a malware is.

Fake antivirus messages

In slight decline these days, fake antivirus warning messages are among the surest signs that your system has been compromised. What most people don't realize is that by the time they see the fake antivirus warning, the damage has been done. Clicking No or Cancel to stop the fake virus scan is too little, too late. The malicious software has already made use of unpatched software, often the Java Runtime Environment or an Adobe product, to completely exploit your system.

Unwanted browser toolbars

This is probably the second most common sign of exploitation: Your browser has multiple new toolbars with names that seem to indicate the toolbar is supposed to help you. Unless you recognize the toolbar as coming from a very well-known vendor, it's time to dump the bogus toolbar.

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