What To Get Out Of Bed Early And Be The Bird That Catches The Worm?

Getting up before daybreak, listening to the bird’s songs and owning that empty road. One of the few advantages of starting the day with an early morning exercise. Sounds tempting? Well not if you´re not an early morning person! Getting up before 6 am is shown to be worthy even though it’s hard. People have more energy at the end of the day when they exercise in the morning, and it is because of the rush of ‘happy’ hormonal agents and the increase in blood circulation.


“Drinking coffee will not wake you up better as a 30 minutes exercise ever could.”

Early morning workout also has a favorable impact on your ability to concentrate, which can come in helpful when making complex choices later on in the day. Lastly, morning workouts control your hunger throughout the day and make you sleep better rather than exercising in the evening.

So how do you managed to become an early riser? Read our four little suggestions that make it much easier to set the alarm for before daybreak:

1. Pack your gear the night before

Take a minute during eve to prepare all you need for early morning exercise: load your fitness center bag, running shoes out, and fitness gear ready to wear. This doesn’t take an hour to prepare. You can exit the house right after getting up without any doubt or question why you´re even doing it. All set to go!

Note: It is one way to psychologically prepare yourself the night before. To avoid negative thoughts that will make you unmotivated to get out of bed.

2. Collaborate

Find a friend to exercise with early in the morning. Mostly you will find this person in your neighborhood already or your workplace. The gym is also a good way to meet up with a buddy. If someone is expecting you at the health club or for an early workout, you can’t just go back to sleep again.

Note: During winter, it’s best to meet up in the nearest Gym near you.

3. Plan a nutritious breakfast

Prepare yourself a takeaway snack after your workout. Fresh fruits, healthy smoothies, muesli with yogurt, oatmeal energy bars are easy to make the night before and easy to bring with you at work.
Note: Apple, Banana, and other fruits are easy to take with you.

4. Use a fitness tracker to moniter you progress.

What gets you from bed for a morning workout?

5. Make no excuses any longer

It’s extremely easy to cancel your sports plans in the evening. Lots of things may come up during the day like an emergency at work, conference calls, households or that you’re feeling exhausted. When you workout before work, there is no reason for you not to be able to exercise. You can enjoy your time after work to meet friends family or other activities.