The Effect Of Ssds On Gaming Performance

Hopefully, you’ve heard people saying that SSDs are better than the conventional hard drive disks when it comes to gaming. But wait, what is an SSD?

Well, SSDis a short form of solid state drive, a drive with no mechanical moving parts and has the capability of holding data even in the absence of power. Its interfaces are fully electronic but the I/O that it utilizes is the same as those used by the traditional hard drives. Therefore, its compatibility with your system is not a concern.

Gaming performance is relative, depending on certain parameters, for instance, framerate and load times. Solid state drives improve some aspects of gaming performance while the improvement of others will require other devices. For example, an SSD may not sort out a framerate problem but a GPU will be of great help.

On the other hand, games installed on an SSD will have less load times as compared to when they are on a hard disk drive. Load time reduction is as result of the remarkably higher SSDs data transfer speed (more than over 400 MB/s) as compared to the data transfer speed of a hard disk drive which is normally below 170 MB/s.

When it comes to of multiplayer games like Starcraft 2, and shooters such as Battlefield 3, when installed on an SSD, theyll load the files stored on your PC, for instance, maps, fairly faster as compared to when they are in a standard hard disk drive.

Additionally, for an open-world game experiencing hitching, an SSD can be of much help as it minimizes the problem. Maybe you are wondering what hitching is; it refers to short pauses in a game when it is unable to access hard drive assets such as texture as fast as it should in order to be in pace with the player.

An SSD will also improve your life generally, for instance the accessibility of your desktop. When you install your computers operating system on an SSD, you find it easier and quicker to access your desktop upon booting.

We would recommend that you buy the biggest solid state drive that your budget can allow and install your computers operating system and the games there. Youll also need a secondary hard disk drive for general storage.

Until recently, SSDs have not been an ideal option to the majority of normal gamers due to their extremely high prices as well as limited storage capacity. However, nowadays, their prices have gone down significantly and storage capacities increased. Getting one with a storage capacity of 120 GB at a very reasonable price is not abnormal.

Considering the improvement of the affordability, storage capacity and the aforementioned gaming performance effects, we can confidently say that SSDs are far much better than HDDs as far as gaming experience is concerned. An SSD is a very significant upgrade from a conventional hard disk drive.

Hopefully, you have now realized how important an SSD is to your life as a gamer and have decided to start shopping for one. However, before you start shopping, you need to find out buying Guide. for the best gaming SSDs to make sure that you buy exactly what you want.